Sitting at a desk, on a couch, or in a car, a person with a disability enjoys being seen as just a person. It seems that the disability often becomes visible only when a wheelchair enters the picture. Our challenge was to keep the person visible while leaving not only the wheelchair but also the disability unnoticed. Using ingenious engineering solutions, we have achieved our goal: If CHRONUS KIM1 is to be called a wheelchair, it is an invisible one.


Self-balancing personal mobility robot, patent pending

Eye level height

The ability to "stand up" in a single-button operation and freely move in a standing mode


Only 38 kg

Remote control

Ability to control an empty device with a smartphone to get it near the bed or car, for example

Comfort ride

Integrated air shock absorber to help with absorbing bumps and dips

Hands free

Controlled by intuitive body movements, leaving the hands completely free


Only 59 cm wide

Ergonomic saddle

The saddle, backrest, and leg supports formed according to body shapes

Folding backrest

Easily folded backrest for easier transfer and transportation


Our target customers are active, interested in new technologies, not afraid of challenges, love travelling, and seek active participation in social life and the labour market. Particular attention is paid to those who are unable to control the lower part of their body or have disorders related to walking or prolonged standing.


The team of CHRONUS Robotics is also a family. We are experienced engineers and designers who have graduated from different universities in different fields including motorsport technology, civil engineering, and computer science.

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